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About Ziegler Firefighting

Ziegler Firefighting has a long tradition when it comes to manufacturing fire fighting vehicles for the domestic and international market. The company was started in 1953 under the name Berwi N.V.  This name was held until 1976. From 1992 the name Ziegler Firefighting is associated with the company.


DAF from 1974                                                              DAF from 2011

Late 80's development of fire fighting vehicles was booming. Ziegler was the first with an superstructure with the inside manufactured from aluminium. After this we introduced the ALPAS superstructure. Today the crewcab is partly manufactured out of synthetic materials, to reduce weight. The high-tec frame provides safety absorbing energy during a collision.

Today, in order we incorporate advanced electronic components in our fire fighting vehicles as the CAN-bus. With CAN there is minimum delay in communication between electric components, because of the CAN Network safetysystem and operating systems guarantee your safety and the safety of your vehicle.

We also work on ergonomic improvements in the design of our vehicles. Some examples are the electronic-hydraulic ladder rack and advanced crewcab called the Z-cab.

Ziegler Firefighting not only has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of fire fighting vehicles, but also as a supplier of fire equipment. Such as personal protection items, extinguishers and fire hoses. Ziegler has all the knowledge to provide you with the best equipment.