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Ziegler Firefighting News

Ziegler Fire Fighting Equipment winner FD Gazellen Awards again: a price for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

Strict criteria

Not everyone receives just a FD Gazelle nomination. There are strict conditions which a company must satisfy in order to qualify. To be able to compete for the FD Gazelle companies must be financially health, a sales growth of at least 20% over three years and no losses have suffered.

The ratings are based on the Graydon database, which consists of 2 million active Dutch companies and is serviced daily. Important aspects are: the sales results, annual results and the payment behavior.

About the FD Gazelle

Despite the economic times there are 239 companies mentioned in the FD Gazelle ranking list. With these awards the Financial Times and Graydon put the fastest growing top businesses in the spotlights. The FD Gazelles are divided into three categories and twelve provinces. It is the eighth year that the FD organizes this selection in cooperating with Graydon.

Again in the prices

Also in 2011, we belong to the “third consecutive time” to the fastest growing company in the Netherlands en we may call us FD Gazelle again.

In 2009 we did receive the ‘’Golden’’ Gazellen Awards for the fastest growing company (until € 30 million) in the province of Groningen.

For more information, please visit our page on the FD Gazelle.

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