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Service & Support

Ziegler service is at your disposal 24 hours a day

At Ziegler service we care for all the maintenance and repairs for you fire fighting vehicles. We always have crucial spare parts in stock, so you never have to wait long on repairs/maintenance of you fire fighting vehicle.

Please find below the proceedings we are able to do on you vehicle.

Corrective maintenance

If your fire fighting vehicle has a malfunction, one of our mechanics will come to you and your vehicle to repair this failure. Of course you will get the best service. Who can provide better maintenance on Ziegler fire fighting vehicles than Ziegler itself?

Preventive maintenance

Serious intensive use. Can cause extra wear to vital components of your fire fighting vehicle. To prevent this extra wear from causing a malfunction, we schedule preventive maintenance to check and repair vital components of your vehicle, so you can be sure your vehicle operates perfectly at all times.

Damage repairs

It is always sad if you have some kind of damage to your vehicle. We can repair your vehicle fast and with perfect original quality. We have a lot of components in stock and other component scan be delivered very fast. So you are almost immediately back on the road with a perfect fire fighting vehicle.


The development of fire fighting vehicles becomes faster and faster. It is possible that your fire fighting vehicle can not fulfill your wishes anymore after a few years. Ziegler can upgrade your vehicle. There are many upgrades available for older fire fighting vehicles. Please ask for more information about updating your vehicle.