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Fire Engines

We can build a fire engine to your requirements and we can deliver a standard vehicle called the Azset. If you choose for a standard or a vehicle that is built to your requirements, this vehicles are always equipped with high-tec Ziegler innovations.


Ziegler has developed a standard fire engine called the Azset. Due to standard components, the delivery time is shorter and the price is cheaper than a similar/competitive vehicle.

Azset Basic

The Azset Basic is designed for fire brigades who need a standard fire engine for a fair price and a vehicle that meets the EN 1846 standards.

Azet Comfort

The Azset comfort is designed for customers who want a mature vehicle. Price and delivery time are important. Also clever and comfort rising features, as high-quality sound isolation, optimal use of space in the crewcab, flexible arranged superstructure, step-up boards and an Allison automatic gearbox with a fluid clutch.


 Azset from fire department Goes (NL).                                               Azset from fire department Heiloo (NL). 

Some fire engines built to customer requirements  


Fire engine Volvo FM Djursland (DK)                                           Fire engine Volvo FL Dussen (NL)


 Fire engine Mercedes-Benz Atego Waalre (NL)                              Fire engine Isuzu FSR33 Chilaw (SRI)