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Foam Fire Engines

A foam fire engine is a special kind of fire fighting vehicles, this kind of vehicles has a large water supply and often 2 engines, one for driving and the other for propuls the pump. Benefits of the 2 engines is, the vehicle can extinguish fire while driving. Ziegler inserts a lot of knowledge in their foam fire engines, for example it is possible to control the water cannons from the cockpit. These water cannons are equipped with so you can aim the cannons perfectly from the cockpit. A road cleaning system is also a useful tool for a foam fire engine, when the fire is extinguished, roads can made foam free.

Below an impression of the foam fire fighting vehicles of Tilburg (NL) and Breda (NL).


Road cleaning system active on foam fire engine of Tilburg (NL).   Watercanons and road cleaning system active on Tilburg (NL).

Foam fire engine of Breda (NL).