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Innovations in fire engineering

For us there are no limitations. We can build on every type of vehicle you can imagine. Below the innovations that charactarize our vehicles.


Our vehicles are provided with ZOR (Ziegler Optimized Roller doors). These roller doors have a storage on the roof, so the roller doors do not take any space from the compartments 


The superstructure is made of the so-called ALPAS system. ALPAS stands for Aluminum Panel System. The ALPAS system has a lot of benefits; some of them are: Lightweight construction, rust-free and high quality due to standardization.


For communication between electrical components we use the CAN-bus (Controlled Area Network). With CAN there is minium delay between critical electrical components. Because of this safetysystems and operating systems guarantee your safety and the safety of your vehicle.  

Lightweight crewcab

All of the crewcabs we build are made of an high-tech spaceframe (aluminium or steel). This construction absorbes the energy during a collision and protecs yourself and your crew. The synthetic/plastic plating is the "finish" of the crewcab and is resistant against all weatherconditons. This means that the plating does not crack, leak or fade over time.

Advanced ergonomics

Ergonomics are important for your satisfaction about our products, but ergonomics are also critical for your safety. Ziegler keeps innovating to improve the ergonomics. A good example is our brand new crewcab, called the Z-Cab; wide entry, many easy to reach compartments, large windows for optimal vision and a lot of additional features you can order to for fulfill your wishes.